Monday, January 2, 2012

Soooo... I was blessed to be on the set of (Big Dawg Records) Shurlock's video shoot-- THE REMIX to Lyrical Exercise. The first video was a fun infomercial treatment for the many artists out there who may not be up to par with their counterparts. The remix, though--WoooWeeee (no words)... The remix, musically speaking, propels the producer, Shurlock into a category beyond the average. His sound is not sequestered by region or genre and that is what (in my opinion) makes him genius. (Listen to him in action)

The videos...
The project links videographer (Blaq Angel Media) and lyricist/MC, Patrick L. Johnson and Shurlock Hubbart up again on their third shoot together. Joining S. Fly + Shurlock is Drizzy DRO... best known for his freestyles on the DRIZZY PRESS PLAY HOTLINE: 205.617.9166<-- You can call him up, give him a subject and he will flow about it. The fourth man on the remix is Kuntraversy. A star on the scene who is making a name for himself. Check out some of his work off the album, Kuntraversy Sells. Last but not least... a young Drizzy apprentice, by the name of Krymson Wyte. A female artist who comes with a strong right uppercut on this lyrical battlefield of heavy hittin' Bham rap icons.

The first video was "Yes, Yes Y'all". A fun loving ode to hip hop that makes you want to get up and do an old school dance of some sort. The Smurf, Cabbage Patch, The Prep--well, you get the drift!

 The second video in the installment is Lyrical Exercise. "Tired of spitting lukewarm verses?..." the teaser asks.

The third video and the reason this behind the scene shoot came to be...

The five MC's pay homage to a very simple black and white video of the 90's. That video? Oh, I won't reveal the name just yet... BUT-- it involved some of the hottest spitters of that day and two coke bottles... you guessed yet?